Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

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Levitating Bonsai Plant


Your eyes aren't deceiving you: This is a real-life levitating plants! 

  • You can quickly sweep you fingers between the platform and the planter.
  • Give it a gentle spin 
  • Impress your guest

Levitated by magnets. When both north pole ends of two magnets face each other, there’s a strong magnetic repulsion. The platform and pot are essentially both north poles, and that’s how the planter stays afloat. Really cool, right?

Three key things to remember: (1) When setting the plant in place use both hands and place it gently, or the south pole end may get attracted to the platform and turn your planter upside down, making a mess; (2) Remove the planter before you turn off the platform or it could come crashing down, making a mess; and (3) each device has its own weight limit, so be sure that the total weight of soil + plant doesn’t exceed that, or it’ll be too heavy to levitate. 

  • Suitable for small indoor potted plants / herbs.
  • Modern, artistic, apply to your living room / kitchen.
  • Unique decoration, awesome gift.


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