About Us

How it all started 

Hi, I'm David and we are Las 7 Panzas or (The 7 Tummies). I'm 23 years old. I've always loved business and is something I want to do the rest of my life. More on this later...

My mom has always had a passion for cooking and she has been cooking since she was a little girl. Since we migrated to the US for a better future for all of us my mom has been selling food from home. But she wanted to do more. 

A year in a half ago she decided she wanted to start a Mexican food stand. She started doing her research and started working on getting the permits. At the same time I started my own business on social media marketing. 

I was starting to get clients, I was learning more about my business and I was growing little by little. But, there was a problem; my mom didn't speak English and she was having a really hard time getting all the permits. She was starting to feel helpless. My dad speaks English but he doesn't know anything about this starting a business and even less about starting a food business, plus he was busy working to provide for the family (a family of 7; mom, dad, 5 kids). He would help in things he could but it was still hard for my mom.   

I noticed her struggle and I just couldn't stand there let my mom give up. I decided that I was going to help her on everything I could. I stopped getting clients for my business and now I only work part time on my business. I help my mom on everything and she focuses on cooking. Her food is great! I'm so lucky to have her!

Fast forward to now it been a year in a half and we have been working on this little business together as a family. We all help one way or another but we still make sure my little brothers stay in school.

 The food business is hard and it takes long hours of work, but its rewarding to provide great tasty Mexican food to our San Jose community with our small food stand. Yet, we want to be financially free and I wanted to do more.

Back to my love for business:

I see business as an opportunity to help my family move forward and help my parents out financially. I see possibilities everywhere and I have so many projects in life and see many ideas related to business in many areas. But, FOCUSE is key so I wanted to do something else where I could use my skills to expand the business but still focused on our family business.

I decided to take part of our savings to open this store focused on kitchen tools, accessories and apparel. We will also share recipes, blogs and give value to our audience.

I hope you stay with us throughout our journey and that we grow together us a community. 

 Thank you for visiting our store!

Want to know more about our food stand?

Find out more at: Antojitoslas7panzas.com

Much love and best wishes from Las 7 Panzas!